Creating Better Habits

Habits are something we all do and have. Every so often they are worth looking at to see if we can, in any way better them, or even change them in all areas of our life. 

Here are a few tips to help you better your training habits at the gym:

  1. Remember, all it takes is a month to get into a good habit / routine. The first month is always the hardest but believe me it gets considerably easier along with a commitment to that better habit  

2. If you can visit the gym on a daily basis it will make getting into a good routine much easier than visiting on a ad hoc basis.

3. Don’t rush into it.  Start slowly and build up gradually.  Taking on too much too early can be demoralising so small steps will help you to become more confidant and positive. 

4. Remind yourself regularly of your goals, it is easy to forget so share them with your coach for life or / and a fellow gym member as this gives you some accountability. Once you start to miss sessions in the gym it negates setting up that habit in the first place.

5. Consistency is the key to making your habits easier and achievable. Try to keep to the same class for your training.

6. Try to find another member to join you who will help to keep you motivated especially in open gym if you are unable to make the classes. 

7. Take time to get used to your change of habits. It took some time before I realised how much I enjoyed exercising and the benefits of it.

8. Try to never think negatively. Instead think I’m not very good at this so if I work harder I’ll almost certainly get better. Don’t forget the coaches are there to help and support you. 

9. Remove the temptations that you’ve had.i.e. junk food, cigarettes etc..

10. Spend more time with those you would like to be like.  A recent survey showed the more time you spend with a negative person it’s more likely that you would become negative like them.

11. Use the first month as a trial, then look back and assess the difference it has made, before making a judgment.

12. If you were to Imagine yourself performing a bad habit e.g. smoking then imagine an alternative e.g. running, exercising, etc and then breathing more easily. This will help you before executing the bad habit.

13. By physically writing down the habit it makes it much clearer in your mind, and helps you focus on your goal. 

14. Reading books / listening to podcasts that show the benefits of exercise and that the effects of changing to a new and more nutritional diet can have on your energy levels will really help.  Ask the coaches and other members for recommendations 

15. Imagine the consequences of not making a change to your old habits, this will give you more motivation.

16. Direct your habits towards the goals that you have. Be determined to reach those goals. You may find at times it will be difficult, but rest assured it will be worthwhile.

Good luck and remember we as coaches are here to help and support you in making or bettering your habits.